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Huelva grew in importance in the 15th century with the discovery of America. Christopher Columbus set sail from the Puerto de Palos de la Fronter in Huelva, on his discovery voyage to the new continent. In 1755 Huelva was completely destroyed by an earthquake and had to be rebuilt. Fishing has always been central to the economy of Huelva: Tuna, shellfish and other types of fish have provided an important income to this province over the centuries as well as the copper mines. In the 19th century the English bought the River Tinto copper mines and set up the Victoria Neighbourhood, a typically British area.
Population 148,013 Recognized Landmarks
Area 149.83 sq km Catedral de la Merced
Iglesia de San Pedro
The Moret Park
Santuario de Nuestra Senora de Cinta
Gran Teatro de Huelva
Average High Temperature 24.0°C
Average Low Temperature 12.8°C
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
Postal Code 21001 and otros
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Huelva was founded by the Phoenicians. It was then occupied by the Tartessians who gave it the name of Onos Baal (after the Baal fort) and later on by the Iberians. Its heyday was in the Roman period when its copper reserves were discovered and mining began. The Romans called it Onuba Estuaria because of its location, and the people were known as onubenses. The Romans remained there until the 5th century. Later it was occupied by the Moors who created the Taifas kingdom. They built mosques, forts, walls and were also responsible for building the pretty villages inland full of white houses.
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